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User Fire_Guppies
Size 10 gallons
Date Started February 27, 1999
Lighting Not sure exactly what you mean, but it is lit by two plant growth bulbs which are positioned in the middle of the lid.
Equipment Whisper Filter, AQT001 Air Pump, and Lighted Hood.
Parameters pH 7.6-7.8, neutral alkalinity, medium hardness, slightly salty, and the temperature is around 65-70 degrees most of the time.
Plants Unfortunately, no live plants at this time. I had a beautiful lily, but my female Guppies eventually ate the poor thing. . . Anyway, I have a rock formation with red and pink leaves, some breeding grass, 2 small red and green plants, a sunken boat (okay, maybe it's not a plant, but who cares?), and glass rocks.
Inhabitants 7 male Fire Guppies: James, Anakin, Jayson, Lucky, Lost, Found, and Shawn Michael. 10 female Neon pink with Dalmatian spots: Natalie2, Melanie2, Bryony, Callista, Vanna, Erin, Dix, Arianna, Rihanna, and Lara Anne.
Comments Just a basic little holding tank for now; once I get enough money I'm going to add much more gravel and plants, and it will be for only female Guppies.
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