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User Rainer
Size 29g
Date Started 2/11
Lighting 2x18w T5NO
Equipment Aqueon standard
CO2 None, nada, zilch.
Substrate Gravel
Parameters NO3=10ppm, GH=150ppm, pH=7.5
Fertilization Root tabs, mulm. :)
Plants Marimo, c. thaianum, c. aponogetifolia, java fern, val. nana, and anacharis. On the way: staurogyne repens, sŁŖwassertang, limnophila aromatica, echinodorus 'vesuvius'.
Inhabitants 9 rasboras, 3 amanos, 2 bamboo shrimp, 2 zebra nerites, 1 golden mystery snail, 1 pond snail. Would like to add Dwarf African Frogs but am concerned about chytrid fungus.
Comments Started as a fish only tank, then added a plant here and there, decided better light was needed, then more plants... Can you see where this is going? I drew the line at CO2 though. The small piece of driftwood is now used to create a terrace in the left front corner.
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