dyckster 20 Gallons (30 x 12 x 12) - Your Tanks
User dyckster
Size 20 Gallons (30 x 12 x 12)
Date Started April 2006
Lighting 45 Watts Fluorescent, 3 15 watt strips. Phillips plantgro, Hagen Sunglo, Hagen Aquaglo bulbs. 12 hour photo period
Equipment Aquaclear hang-on filter, nothing spectacular
CO2 DIY CO2 - yeast method
Substrate ~3mm grain gravel with Laterite and Seachem tabs.
Parameters Ph ~7.5, temp ~24C
Fertilization PMDD 5 drops daily.
Plants Anubias nana, Anubias Barteri var. Cofeefolia, Cryptocoryne Wisilli, Cryptocoryne Wendtii (brown), Dwarf Sagittaria, Echindorus x barthii, Echinodorus blehri, Cabomba, Crinum Natans, Vallisneria Spirallis, & one other yet unidentified species.
Inhabitants 7 neons, 3 kribs, 2 ottos, 2 kuhli loaches, 1 dwarf puffer, & 2 amano shrimps
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