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User leodeal384
Size 17 Gallons
Date Started 1/1/11
Lighting Current 24" 2x24w
Equipment Eheim 2213
CO2 None
Substrate Mineralized Topsoil capped with PFS
Parameters Never Tested
Fertilization None
Plants Java fern, Java moss, anubias nana, salvinia, najas guadalupensis, hydrophila sp.
Inhabitants Swamp darters, flagfish, golden topminnow, least killifish
Comments This tank was taken down late Spring '11. The driftwood covered in plants is all that remains from it.
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Mark F.
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It's been a while since anybody's posted a mineralized topsoil tank, and I dig this one - as is often the case with this approach, it has a nice, naturalistic feel to it: not too heavily 'scaped, but with a good sense of balance to the arrangement. I also like that you're combining tropical (guppies & plants) with North American native (darters & shiners) - would love to see some close-ups!
Wannabe Guru
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This tank is one of the many that made me love low tech.
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