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User Chadwick19904
Size 125 Gallon High
Date Started Sunday, December 10, 2006
Lighting 4 single strip light,
Equipment 3 Hydro V sponge filters, 2 jager 300w heaters, Eheim 2076 Pro 3e canaster filter .
CO2 none at moment. am scared of starting it because of loosing my fish. But i want to soon.
Substrate Florite 13 bags.
Parameters ph. is 7.2, Ammonia is 0, Nitrate is 10 and Nitrite is 0, phosphates are through the roof.
Fertilization 100% Flourite subsrtait 2-1/2" deep
Plants Banna Plant, Amazon Sword, Grass.
Inhabitants clown loach 0, YoYo loach 1, Bushy nose pleco (male) 1, Bushy nose Pleco (female) 1, Tetra 0,
Comments novice user, having phosphate issues..
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this site is supposed to be for planted tanks. if you have nothing except some loaches and a banana plant, thats not exactly planted...
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I am consumed in work as a photographer and don't really have time to get to work on my tank ... i want to start co2 and go fully planted. but right now am having major issues with phosphates.. i have even tried using ro water. but that has failed also.
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