joshyboi2 2.7 Gal - Your Tanks
User joshyboi2
Size 2.7 Gal
Date Started 15/09/09
Lighting 1x 9W white Fluro
Equipment 1x internal Cannister Filter
CO2 none
Substrate Coffs Harbour Gold Mix 1mm
Parameters PH 6.8
Fertilization once a fortnight iron and trace elements dose
Plants Ludwiga, Blyxa Japonica, Blue Stricta, Riccia Fluitans, Red Crypt, Star Rotala, Anubias Nana, Hygro Balsamica
Inhabitants 1x Inconspicuous Blue Eye, 1x spotted Guppy, 1x Plain Guppy, 6x Caridina Sp
Comments A fun and nearly Portable tank that is easy to look after and easy on the eye.
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