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User joshyboi2
Size 6 ft x 2Ft x53Inch tall
Date Started September 2010 (Moved house 5 times to date)
Lighting 2 X Daylight LED Strips 4cm wide which punch a huge amount of light into my tank and some ambient lighting due to a new position near louvers that look into my lounge room at the front of my house.
Equipment 1 x Marine Sources Overflow box 2700l/hr DIY Built Stockman Pipe with customized emergency overflow attached to: 1x Custom DIY Acrylic Sump Packed with Purigen, Cattapa leaves, Filter wool, Sponge, etc, in a typical three stage setup with a bubble wall to prevent to much oxygen saturation. 1x DIY overflow to the drain on the sump 1x 150 Gal per Day RO unit hooked up to the Tank via a manual tap (ran 4-6 hours per day) 1 x Red Devil Return Pump 3000L / Hour attached to two x 25mm return hoses via a gate valve and T coupling and an inline reactor, then returned via glass lilypipes.
CO2 5kg Pressurised Tank (From Home Brew Shop) connected to an inline atomic reactor that flows out from a glass lily pipe angled downward to get that good co2 into the deep tank
Substrate Washed river sand, Iron, ferts, capped with black Fluval Shrimp Substrate.
Parameters 4DKH, PH 5.8-6.5 Temp 28-34 Degrees ( I don't use a heater and live in the tropics)
Fertilization Weekly Addition Of FE, On water weekly water change I add Potassium, Trace elements and NPK in very minute amounts (I like to underdose to keep algae at bay) Seachem Replenish, and Microbe lift substrate cleaner are good for keeping a balanced high light environment. I also use Brightwell's discus code and thus algae can arise rapidly if things go to out of whack
Plants Blyxxa Japonica, Red Ludwiga, Hygro Balsamica, Red Melon Sword, Schulteri, Marbled Sword, Crypt asstd, Eriocaulon Lividium, Java Fern, Riccia Fluitans, Java Moss, Bacopa Carolina, Wide leaf Star Grass, Various other swords, Dwarf Hair Grass, UG, Star Rotala, Tennelus Sword, Anubias Asstd, Limnophila Aromatica, Blue Stricta, Ranunculus Indatus, Rotala Macandra, Flame moss, Bacopa, Tropica,
Inhabitants 2x 3 year old Discus, (Turq & Snakeskin are best buds) 2 x 1 year Old male Bolivian Butterflies, 2x 6 month old Red ghost Discus 1x 7 month old Blue Diamond Discus
Comments Still growing healthy and strong... some of these plants are over 6 years old :)
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