TJ_Burton Fluval Edge Rimless - Heavily Modified - Your Tanks
Fluval Edge Planted.JPG
User TJ_Burton
Size Fluval Edge Rimless - Heavily Modified
Date Started 1/24/2011
Lighting 18" Marineland Double Bright LED --- Fluval Edge Halogen with LED bulbs
Equipment Fluval Edge (Aquaclear) Hang-on Filter --- Jager Heater 50watt
CO2 To be added
Substrate Carib Sea Instant Aquarium Sand
Parameters To be tested
Fertilization To be added
Plants To be added
Inhabitants To be added
Comments After my exploits with a Dymax IQ3, I have devided to step it up and move my Java moss jungle into a modified open top Fluval Edge aquarium!
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I love a thick forest of growth in a desk-top sized display.
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