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User nalu86
Size 55G
Date Started Juli 2010
Lighting Odyssea 216w 4x 54w T5HO Running 1 x 54w 10000K
Equipment Odyssea cfs500 with spray-bar + Fluval 305
CO2 DIY CO2 1.4l jar into Fluval 305 for diffusing
Substrate Gravel + sand
Parameters PH 6
Fertilization Flourish
Plants Amazon Sword (Echinodorus amazonicus), Anubias, Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica), Cryptocorynes,
Inhabitants female Gold Ram, female GBR, 8x Neon tetra, 2 Guppy and Ghost shrimp
Comments For the first 6 months I was only running the original lighting from the tank: 2x 20" or so 18w T8 lights and did not feed any ferts. The plants grew slowly and survived... Sins a week I am running 1 T5 bulb and my plants are pearling. I also dose 3-4 times a week Flourish. I never had algae. Starting over in Juli, using MTS, High light, Paintball CO2 and Ferts to create my dream aquascape.
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Nice. Don't really like the flowerpot, though.....everything else looks great!
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dude.... that tank is the beast!!! i love the way you separated it into sections for the plants that like gravel and the plants that like sand. nice idea with the rock separator. i love the plant in the sand, it looks definitely like the center-piece. i think i might do that, make a barrier and split. thanks, this one gets 5 stars!!!
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Sweet! Please add front view pics!
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