daverock1337 29 g 30"x12"x18" - Your Tanks
User daverock1337
Size 29 g 30"x12"x18"
Date Started 03/2011
Lighting Coralife 120 watt cfl 1 65w Dual Daylight 10,000k/6,700k 1 55w ahsupply 3-6-10
Equipment tetra whisper 30-60 HOB filter airstone running at night
CO2 pressurized co2 5lb bottle, red sea pro co2 kit
Substrate mineralized topsoil capped with pfs
Plants cabomba carolinia, crypt wendii 'red' 'green gecko' 'florida sunset', crypt walkerii 'lutea', crypt nurii 'pahang mutated'. alternanthera reineckii, h. corymbrosa 'angustifolia'
Inhabitants 1 stunted discus 1 koi angelfish 1 apisto agasizzi male 3 pepper cories 6 cardinal tetras 1 tiger pleco 1 calico bn pleco 1 nerite snails
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