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User knuggs
Size 29 gallon
Date Started 03/07/07
Lighting Satellite Power Compact 10K daylight and 460nm actinic with Current's Lunar Light(white)
Equipment Powerclear30 powerhead and Aquaclear50 filter
CO2 DIY w/ Bubble counter
Substrate Eco-complete
Parameters 6.5ph 77 F
Fertilization Plant Tabbs and Plant Gro sticks
Plants Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Red Melon, Creeping Jenny, Riccia Flutians, and Micro Sword.
Inhabitants Pair of Golden Killies, 5 Blue Tetras, 5 Bloodfins, 3 Red-Eye Tetras, 3 Blackline Penguinfish,1 Glass X-ray Tetra, 3 Otto's, 10+ guppies, and a Bumblee Goby. Also some Red Cherry Shrimp, Ramshorn snail, and MTS snails
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I love it. That sword looks so cool in the middle .
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Kill it. Kill it.
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