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User stuworrall
Size 2 foot - 18 us gallons
Date Started 17/11/2006
Lighting arcadia overtank luminaire with 2 * t5 HO 24w tubes. tubes are 1 * aqua medic 10000K ocean white 1 * aqua medic 6000K? planta
Equipment hagen external cannister filter with siporax media heater
CO2 co2 cylinder with sera needle valve and bubble ladder. ladder will be replaced by glass difuser when it arrives in teh post!
Substrate sera flonendepot with quartz gravel
Parameters kh - 4 ph 7(ish) gkh - 4
Fertilization sera florena, dose rate to be decided
Plants Glossostigma elatinoides Hemianthus callitrichoides ”Cuba” Hemianthus micranthemoides riccia
Inhabitants red cherry shrimp
Comments tank just setup so excuse cloudy picture. mrore to follow track it here
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beautiful hardscaping! get in some carpet plants and boraras and it will look like a little piece of island!
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Agreed. Great rocks, even though is is clearly not original. Some carpeting will look good and perhaps a few well placed shrubs. ....and clear that water for gods sake.
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OHH this one is gonna be GOOD!!! U can just see the foreshadow!!!
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