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User Aquamom
Size 20-gallon-high, coldwater
Date Started Sept. 26, 2010
Lighting fluorescent light that came with tank
Equipment AquaClear 50 hob filter, 4" airstone with revertible pump
CO2 none
Substrate pea gravel
Parameters ammonia: 0; nitrite: 0; nitrates: 5ppm; pH: 7.4; KH: 5; GH: 89.5; coldwater temps 65F to 72F
Fertilization nitrates in tank
Plants moss balls on substrate; floating hornwort, java moss, water sprite, riccia
Inhabitants white cloud minnows; zebra and glo-fish danios; rosy barbs; 2 weather loach dojos; RCS; trapdoor snails
Comments Jellyfish are faux but fun! Totally harmless to my fish.
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HP Lovecraft lives and rules!!!
Planted Member
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Not sure what you're talking about -- HP Lovecraft. This is a genuine, untouched and unaltered photo, and what you see actually was in the tank at the time I took it. If Lovecraft is something like Photoshop, I don't use things like that on my pics.
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lol.... Actually i think that was a comment in a beautifully morbid manner. H.P Lovecraft was a writer in the early 30s arguably responsible for a good portion of todays horror and scifi. I myself love his work although his style may seem quite hard to follw die to his unique writing character. Lovecraft's work had developed a cult following for his Cthulhu Mythos.... anyway.... He was a writer ahead of his time with a beautifully warped mind.... So it was not a flame... just a clever comment
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Thank you for the education. I didn't know that. And thanks for the intended compliment, which I now realize that was. Yes, creative imagination can express in some interesting ways in aquaria. I have fun with my tank every time I rescape it. Always something new to come up with.

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