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User mike1234
Size 110 gallon
Date Started 07/15/2006
Lighting AH Supply 4X96 at 6700K
Equipment Filstar XP3 hooked up to chiller Filstar XP2 hooked up with CO2 reactor Ehiem 2213 hooked up with surface skimmer Pengiun 350 hang on back Aquamedic 1/5HP chiller
CO2 pressurized with Aquamedic 1000 reactor and controlled via a pinpoint ph controller
Substrate soilmaster select red with lava sand
Parameters ph=7.05+/-.05 GH=11(too hard) temp=25.0C +/-1.5C
Fertilization PMDD and TMG. I try to keep my PO4 at or between .5 and 1ppm. I don't wory to much about FE. I try to keep NO3 at 15 to 20ppm
Plants Java fern and moss babies tears micro swords amazon swords hydrilla(godzilla) tiger lotus bunch of others that I don't know the names of!!
Inhabitants 12 tiger barbs 4 SAE 4 flying fox(big mistake) 3 florida flag fish 15 ottos blood fin tetras white cloud minows 5" gold nugget 2 giant ottos(poop machines) 2 raphael cats dwarf synodontis cat 3 clown loaches
Comments I was trying to go with a South American bio but the temptation of SAEs ruined it.
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