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User schotterhuber
Size 172 Gallons = 650 litre, freshwater
Date Started 1989
Lighting LumLight LED-Stripes 1xWarm-Warm-Warm Light Stripe 1125mm 20W 2xCold-Warm-Cold Light Stripe 1125mm 20W 1xWarm-RGB-Cold Light Stripe 825mm 20W The RGB Stripe control by LumLight Daylightsimulator
Equipment Groundheater, Back to Nature Background, insidefiltre
CO2 JBL Taifun, 2x 7 kg bottles
Substrate brown gravel, red lava, red shale, 13 driftwoods
Parameters 2m long x 0,7 x 0,5, 25, PH. 6,8
Fertilization For Plants: Easy Carbo, Easy Pro Vito For Freshwater: Sera Blackwater Aquatan
Plants Aponogeton, crinon, cryptocorine, echinodorus, Mangroves
Inhabitants Siamese Fighting Fish, Serpae Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Pearl Gourami, German Blue Ram, Electic Blue Ram, Banded Dwarf Cichlid Red Fin, Angelfish Clown Loach, Chained Loach, Angel catfish, Perugia's Woodcat, Galaxy Woodcat
Comments Food for Fishes: Inter Ryba: Star Artemia Flakes Inter Ryba: Star Spirulina Flakes JBL: Grana-Discus
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Wannabe Guru
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That tank looks gorgeous. How well does your Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta) do with your other fish? I've got a small community in a 10 Gallon that I started last month. Any suggestions?
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Hi Aqua student Thank you for your comment. The Betta's (I have 2 pairs in the tank) are very friendly to other fish in my tank. She loves swimming and my Crytocorine cordata plant `s Hygroryza aristata. The roots of the H. aristata Betta `s he needs is for" Hide and Seek. "For the swimming Hygroryza aristata plant `s, you need an " open tank" without cover. The floating plant fault otherwise because of the condensation. Another plant you can take to swimming is Ceratophyllum demersum. This water plant is a very easy to hold. I hope I could help you a little bit. Gerhard See you later terminator
Algae Grower
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Lovely tank!
FishWorks AK
Algae Grower
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its nice, have you thought of raising your lights up higher?
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The lighting depends approximately 40 cm above the water surface. I wanted a natural environment for my animals, with a "country part" and real plants. My submerged plants bloom The LED lighting is controlled by a daylight simulator and timers. So I have morning a sunrise and a sunset evening. 1 year is the LED lighting business and I am very happy with it.

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