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5x7 jumping Dojo, Barbs and Minnows, November 2010.jpg
User Aquamom
Size 20-gallon-high, coldwater
Date Started
Lighting Standard aquarium light
Equipment AC50 hob, 4-inch airstone connected to revertible pump.
Substrate pea gravel
Plants live floaters: Anacharis, hornwort, java moss, water sprite. On substrate, moss balls.
Inhabitants White cloud minnows, Zebra and Glo-fish Danios, Rosy Barbs, Dojos, Trapdoor snails, 1 RCS
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5x7colorful aquascape with lily, November 2010.jpg
Master Se7eN
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Very nice, what kind of flower is that?
Planted Member
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Thank you. Wish I could recall the name of that flower -- it escapes me for now. How do you like my jumping Dojo? He's pretty cute, in my opinion.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Is that a joke? That's a plastic flower right?
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