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User viggen61
Size 55 gallon
Date Started Tough to say. Sometime in 1996???
Lighting Currently 65w x 4 Coralife Freshwater fixture
Equipment Fluval 305
CO2 None at this time...
Substrate Local loam/vermiculite mixture, topped with #3 sand, and some aquarium gravel
Plants Aponogeton ulvaceous - Big, and survived all I've done and not done to this tank. Some form of Hygrophilia (small leaves, likes to float) New plants: Glossostigma elatinoides Echinodorus tennellus Echinodorus bleheri Alternanthera reineckii
Inhabitants Baker's dozen of Black Neons. Countless Malaysian Trumpet Snails.
Comments Waiting to be sure all the microbes are still alive before adding more livestock. Tank started as a 20 gallon setup. Moved on up to the 55. Moved it Aug 1998. Amazing little troopers those MTS. Spent a week dormant in the substrate which was sitting in buckets, but came back like wildfire. Moved again Oct 2006, the only things that moved really were the Aponogeton, some Hygro and the MTS. For various reasons, the tank was suffering from benign neglect. Hadn't had fish in it for quite some time. But now that it's back in the living room of my new place, those days should be over. Looking now to find an economical CO2 system so I can grow the plants and raise the fish.
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