regalesse 10 gallon - Your Tanks
User regalesse
Size 10 gallon
Date Started 12/12/2010
Lighting lighting that came with the tank.
Equipment one tetra subersible heater rated for the tank and o tetra hang on filter rated for the tank. it came with the aquarium.
CO2 none.
Substrate louisiana river sand
Fertilization florapride by tetra plant
Plants unknown
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Mark F.
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I'm guessing the tall plants in the background are some kind of ludwigia, possible L. palustris; the forground plants have got me stumped, but I'm sure there's plenty of other more knowledgeable folks than me on this site that could help you ID them. Are all your plants locally-harvested in Louisiana, or are some store-bought? I take it the inhabitants are a mix of guppies and native minnows, probably shiners?
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