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User Cichlidgirl91
Size 72 gallon
Date Started 11/28/10
Lighting 3x 40 watt fluorescent T8 light bulbs
Plants Moss - java, christmas, flame Java fern - reg. & windelov Crypt - balansae, parva, spiralis, undulata, wendtii Aponogeton undulatus Anubias nana Subwassertang Nymphaea stellata Dwarf sag Riccia Rotala rotundifolia
Inhabitants Fish: 6 Head-and-tail-light tetras, 3 Convict cichlids, 1 HRPxConvict cichlid, 1 Bala shark, 1 Asian bumblebee catfish, 1 betta, 1 ACF Inverts: 1 apple snail, 1 Amano shrimp, 2 little brown shrimp (neocaridina?)
Comments The tank is comprised of 3 levels - the top two levels are divided into six 3 gallon tanks and the bottom level is divided into three 12 gallon tanks. There are slits in the dividers to allow water flow between tanks. All levels are filtered by one pump.
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great tank! i would love to buy a set up like this. may i ask where you got it?
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It looks dramatic -- but I'd like better pictures. Where's the fish? How do these tanks fit together????? GB
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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that is sick!!!....M o r e i n f o
Algae Grower
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Fantastic! I love it!
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