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User acropora1981
Size 90 Gallons
Date Started July, 2010
Lighting 4 x 54W HOT5 - 1 colormax, 2 6700k and 1 10000k
Equipment Eheim Pro II 2028, Hydor Inline Heater, Koralia Nano flow pump, timers, auto top off
CO2 Full pressurized CO2 and inline reactor
Substrate Seachem Fluorite
Parameters pH ~6.8, hardness 150ppm, temperature 78F
Fertilization PMDD and macro's
Plants Hygro(?), crypt w., HC, R. rotofundia
Inhabitants 4 F1 P. scalare angels(wild type obv.), 25 harlequin rasboroas, 10 gold ancistrus plecos, swordtails, amano shrimp
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The two images that have less growth were taken in I beleive late Semptember, and the second set is from Dec 24. In both sets of images the Angelfish are defending eggs - the pair on the left is, the other pair have not yet done any laying, but do appear to be a pair. HC was originally planned for the foreground, but it failed to thrive, so I've just let it slowly fall out. I may replace it with Glosso in the new year.
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Its got a bit too 'bushy' for my tastes. I liked seeing the rock in the earlier photos but they've disappeared. The plants look god and healthy though :o)
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Viv, I know what you mean - I need to find a happy medium for the hygro - I want it tall enough to cover the pipes, but I would also like to see the rock formation. I'll try a more agressive pruning this week, and then see if I can get some more pics.
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So nice.
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