Corwin 90 - Your Tanks
User Corwin
Size 90
Date Started 2004
Lighting 6 65watt Power Compacts (4x65k 2x10k) 1 T12 34watt 6 Moonlight LED's
Equipment Cascade 1000
CO2 Milwaukee CO2 Rhinox 5000 Diffuser
Plants Wisteria Najas Grass Riccia Amazon Sword Brazilian Pennywort Java Grass Anacharis Cambomba
Inhabitants 2 Silver Dollars 4 Neon Tetras 6 Painted Skirted Tetras (3 Blue 3 Pink) 5 Tiger Barbs (2 Albino) 3 Cherry Barbs 4 Albino Tetras 2 Algae Eaters 1 Pleco 4 Zebra Danios
Profile Views 727
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