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User nyrecruiter
Size 75
Date Started 11/2010
Lighting Wavepiont retrofit kit. 1 54 watt 6700k coralife bulb, and 1 54watt wavepoint 1200k bulb. It is a 4 bulb retrofit that I am running 2 bulbs on
Equipment aquaclear 110, airstones when the lights are out.
CO2 DIY (2) 1 gallon bottles diffusing into a hagen mini elite, metricide
Substrate 80 lbs eco complete about 30lbbs gravel from the tank it was moved from and capped with pool filter sand
Parameters Temp is 76, ph usually 7 due to CO2 injection (tap is 7.6). KH is 10, GH is 14
Fertilization k2so4 1tsp @ waterchange (50% a week), KH2P04 3x/week, fish handle the nitrate, CSM+B 1/2 tsp 3x/week
Plants Java fern, java moss, Bacopa, Anubias, Cabomba, Glossostigma, Ludwigia Cuba, Ludwigia Peruensis, Rotala Indica, Sagittaria subulata, Rotala Magenta, various Crypts
Inhabitants 5 Giant Danios, 1 Gold Gourami, 7 Otto's, and 5 Brochis Splendens, 13 Boseman Rainbows, a few Amano Shrimp and 100+ Cherry Shrimp
Comments the main pic is as of 7/2011-I had to take out a bunch of plants to create a little more swimming room, and my rainbows snacked on a bunch. Still a work in progress. I like the plants, but they are still primarily there to keep the fish happy and healthy Started this tank 11/10 after upgrading from a 37 gallon.
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I am not a fan of light or white substrates. Other than that, it's a very nice, natural looking arrangement. A scenic background would enhance it even more. Nice fish.
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very nice!!!
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