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User Deluxeman
Size 150g, 6' long
Date Started nov 2010
Lighting 2 GE 32w 6500 2 40w Power-Glo 1 40w Aqua-Glo 1 40w Marine-Glo
Equipment Rena xp3
CO2 no
Substrate 330 pounds of Play Sand or 7x 22k bags 200 pounds of lava rocks or 3x 1 cubic feet
Parameters na
Fertilization no
Plants -Anubias -Peace lilies!
Inhabitants 8 Labidochromis caeruleus 6 Frontosa Burundi
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Very nice!
Planted Tank Guru
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It's a pretty simple layout but very appealing and the fish are great contrast with the yellow and black & white, nice job.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Love the look of this tank, so natural.
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