WalterMelons 5 Gallon Hex - Your Tanks
User WalterMelons
Size 5 Gallon Hex
Date Started November 2010
Lighting 10 watt cf
Equipment what?
CO2 none yet but I'm looking into it.
Substrate tahiti moon sand
Parameters what?
Fertilization what?
Plants java fern, anubias, and others that are dying lol (frill moneywort cabomba)
Inhabitants 2 panda tetras, 2 orange von rio flame tetras, 1 peppered cory catfish (for now), 2 black kuhli loaches, and a few ghost shrimp.
Comments the picture is not up to date but it looks a lot better, only difference is the scarlet temple has been replaced by an anubias on lava rock.
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