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User HolyAngel
Size 29 Gallon
Date Started March 2010
Lighting 4x24W T5HO Odyssea 2 - ZooMed Ultra Sun 6500k 2 - ZooMed Flora Sun 5000k 13 Hour Photoperiod with 2hr-4bulb burst during midday.
Equipment 1 - SunSun HW-302 Rated @ 265GPH 1 - 18W UV In-line Sterilizer - Disconnected
CO2 Pressurized Paintball CO2 w/Inline Atomizer @ ~2bps
Substrate 3/4 Carribsea Tahitian Moon Black Sand 1/4 Flora Max Midnight Root Medic Complete Root Capsules
Parameters PH: 6.4 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 40ppm
Fertilization Flourish Line of Ferts but switching macros to dry ferts. Nitrogen - haven't needed Phosphorous - Dosed sparingly Potassium - switching to K2SO4 Iron - Iron Chelate Flourish Trace/Comprehensive
Plants Amazon Sword's H. Tenellum - Green/Red Hygrophila Angustifolia Polygnum Kawagoneum S. Repens Ranuculus Inundatus eichhornia diversifolia rotala rotundifolia pogostemon stellatus
Inhabitants 4 - Cardinal Tetra's 8 - Harlequin Rasbora's 2 - Female Guppies raised from Fry 1 - Neon Tetra 7 - Corydoras + Fry 2 - Nerite Snails
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