Sajeev 55 - Your Tanks
User Sajeev
Size 55
Date Started 2013
Lighting LED and two T8
Equipment Fluval 405, Eheim 200 watt heater
CO2 10lb tank 1 bubble every 2 seconds
Substrate pool filter sand
Fertilization all ferts added in small quantities, alternating types, after every 20% water change - which is once or twice a week.
Plants Needle leaf fern, anubias petite, rotala Marc. stargrass, clover, glossostigma, rotala indica
Inhabitants 5 discus, two rummy, 4 cardinals, two plecos
Comments this is my first properly designed tank.
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Algae Grower
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Nice! Are you planning on putting a background on?
Algae Grower
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Beautiful, minimalist tank. I like your centerpiece layout--it really draws the eye. Kind of like a desert oasis. Gives me ideas for my own tank!
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