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User sonychemp
Size 20G High
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Lighting 2 No of Fluval P24 AQUALIFE & PLANT FULL SPECTRUM on Timer 6Hrs
Equipment Fluval 206 Canister filter.- Full time UV - Corellife Turbo Twist - On timer - 4hrs/day eheim surface skimmer (4 hs)
CO2 Pressurized CO2 (GL - ATOMIC CO2 REGULATOR V2) On timer Diffuser - GF ATOMIC CO2 DIFFUSER - INLINE - 16/22MM
Substrate Eco Complete Planted Black Aquarium Substrate & Seachem Flourite Black
Inhabitants Mexican Dwarf Shrimp(2) German Blue Ram (Pair), Snail (2),Roseline shark (4), S Algae Eater(1), Clown Fish(2)
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Loving the scape!
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