BadFishFan 40B - Your Tanks
User BadFishFan
Size 40B
Date Started May 2014
Lighting Fluval 48" LED Plant Light [timer to 4 hours morning, mid day break of 3 hours, 5 hours winter 6 hour summer off-peak light]
Equipment Fluval 306 Canister with custom spray bar return
CO2 Forced CO2 - CO2 Ladder @ 2 bubbles/ 3 seconds & micro-diffuser @ 2 bubbles/second on 10 hour timer
Substrate Eco-Complete [awesome stuff!]
Fertilization No additives required
Plants Riccia fluitans slate (~156 sq inches) Java Fern (a 6 yr old growth) Green Tiget Lily Dwarf Red Lotus (2) Various Anubias (nana, barteri, etc) Cyrptoconus, various Water Lettuce Staurogyne and a round leaf plant I can no longer name... Some christmas tree moss and a moss ball
Inhabitants Badis badis; breeding group of ~10 including 4 generations Dario dario; 5 males Dario kajal; pair Dario Hysignon; trio Lampeye Killifish; 7 Clown Kilifish; full grown male (who probably killed the 40 clown killifish jeuvies I put in about 6 weeks ago!) Orange Australe killifish; Trio ----- Siamese Algae Eater; 1 Otocinclus; 3 Pygmy Corydoras; ~10 includes 2 females Candy Stripe Siphodons (Gobies); 2
Comments There are innumerable micro territories and back alleys and several cichlid stone caves throughout the landscape. There seem to be 8 major territories and very few battles excepting breeding events. No losses but a few tattered tails now and again.
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