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User GoGo98102
Size 65g rimless
Date Started 8-3-2014
Lighting Finnex Planted+ 36" Soon- BML 10,000k Planted XB 36"
Equipment Fluval FX6 Fluval 306 Double Twist UV Sterilizer Hydor 300w Inline Heater GLA inline CO2 infuser Cal Tech CO2 checker eBay bubble counter
CO2 Pressurized CO2
Substrate Lava rock bed with ADA Amazonia on top
Parameters Ammonia stuck at 4ppm
Fertilization Nothing yet. Will be using EI dosing.
Plants HC, DWG, and Rotala's
Inhabitants White Cloud x 30. LFS sold them as feeder. I haven't lost one yet.
Comments Still cycling after 4 weeks.
Profile Views 250
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