goodbytes 55 Gallon Long - Your Tanks
User goodbytes
Size 55 Gallon Long
Date Started August 4th, 2014
Lighting Finnex Stingray 48"
Equipment Hydor ETH 300, Eheim 2215, SunSun HW-302
Substrate Petco Black Sand
Parameters Water is a constant 78 degrees Fahrenheit
Fertilization Osmocote Root Tabs
Plants Hygro Corymbosa, Giant Val, Anubias Coffeefolia, Java Moss, Amazon Sword, Echinodorous Rose, Crypt Wendtii, Oak Leaf Watersprite, Ludwigia Repens
Inhabitants 5 Glo Tetras, 2 Rainbow Sharks, 6 Ottos, 2 Yoyo Loaches, 4 Nerite Snails, 1 Farowella Cat
Comments Very nearly fully planted ad infinitum
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