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User NightAngel
Size 150g 48X31X24
Date Started 12/02/2006
Lighting 2X 48" power glo (40W)
Equipment 2 HOB penguin 350, UGF (so sue me)with 2 aqua clear 70's. 2 visitherm 70.
CO2 none
Substrate Very cycled regular gravel
Fertilization occasional flourish and fish poo
Plants Swords, grasses (mondo?), java fern, onion type plants
Inhabitants 9 half black breeder angels, 1 GM angel, 10 cardianls, 7 albino cories, one loach.
Comments Low tech, top off water when needed.
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Algae Grower
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Great Tank! Nice plant choice.
Junior Member
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I claim that spot on the couch haha.
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