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User chilltyperiod
Size 30 gallon
Date Started june 2014
Lighting 2 x 25 watt T5 (6500K) & 2 x 25 watt T5 (9000K)
Equipment Eheim 2217 Classic SE Juwel internal filter Pressurized CO2 Dennerle Internal co2 reactor
CO2 Dennerle Quantum Evolution 45 ppm CO2 during photoperiod
Substrate Mix of sand and laterite topped off with black gravel. Clay with micro nutrients is added to the roots off all plants after planting.
Parameters CO2 - 45/50 ppm NH3/NH4 - 0 NO2 - 0 NO3 - 30 PH 7.1 drops to 6.1 due to CO2 Temp 24.3 Celsius dKH 8 GH 8
Fertilization Estimative Index, dry powders dosed directly into tank. I boost the GH manually by adding MGSO4, K2SO4 and CAS04 in ratio.
Inhabitants 10 rosy finned tetra 2 Kuhli loaches 2 Hong Kong loaches 5 black neon tetra 5 marbled hatchets
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