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User Casie
Size 200 gallon
Date Started June 2010
Lighting 250x4 watts 10k halides at 30ish inches off the water. 8 hours
Equipment UV
CO2 2 Rhinox diffusers. Giant ugly C02 tank from a Coke drink fountain
Substrate black diamond + 4 bags black diamond sand
Parameters n. A set of measurable factors, such as temperature and pressure, that define a system and determine its behavior and are varied in an experiment.
Fertilization EI
Plants yes
Inhabitants 12 guppies, 2 featherfin cats, cherry shrimp, 213 snails
Comments aquascaping is harder than it looks
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Algae Grower
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213 snails huh. Did you actually sit there and count them all? :) Beautiful tank
Algae Grower
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200 gallon tank! So incredibly jealous!
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