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User obet_07304
Size 55 Planted
Date Started August 2005
Lighting Jebo Odyssea 260W PC 4- 6,400K W/ Lunar Lights
Equipment Emperor 400 Filstar XP3 Visi- Therm Stealth 200W Heater Lifegard Big Digital Temp Alert Rena 300 Air Pump Turbo Twist 9W UV Sterilizer
CO2 5lb Tank; JBJ CO2 Regulator & SMS122 PH Monitor
Substrate Regular Gravel w/ Laterite & 2 Bags of Flourite
Parameters Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitate: 50PPM PH: 6.3 GH: 120PPM KH: 3DKH
Fertilization Greg Watson's Dry Ferts Leaf Zone
Plants Amazon Sword,Anubias Nana,Java Fern,Brazilian Pennyworth,Red Ludwigia,Flame Moss
Inhabitants 4- Parrot Fish 2- Spotted Cory Cat 2- Albino Cory 8- Otto 3- SAE
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