tetrabettaguy97 1 gallon - Your Tanks
User tetrabettaguy97
Size 1 gallon
Date Started April 2009
Lighting Flourescent Bulb
Equipment Air Stone
Substrate Teal Gravel
Plants Plastic
Inhabitants Female Maroon Veiltail Betta
Comments Resin fish decoration
Profile Views 386
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Your betta really needs a heater to maintain an appropriate and stable temperature. And frankly, that's not enough space. Why not try getting your betta a bigger tank and planting this little one and adding a nerite snail or something?
Algae Grower
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This is a one gallon. Nothing special really. I am going to get her a new tank, the Mini Bow 1 and planting that, though you may have your oponion, I quite frankly know that she is happy in there. Shes been there for a year. Oh and, Im not sure how much wattage that light has, if its enough to do a high tech setup...
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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At least its better than a bowl? But seriously, bettas or any other critter shouldn't be put in anything under 2.5 gallons, 5 being best.
Algae Grower
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When I hung mine on the wall like this, all my water poured out.LOL. Your really nice betta wants to go into one of your bigger tanks. She would like to have a name too!!
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