leonpetty 20 Gallon Hex - Your Tanks
User leonpetty
Size 20 Gallon Hex
Date Started 07/09/2006
Lighting Current Dual Satellite: Moon Light Dual daylight (6700K/10000K) Dual Actinic (420NM/460NM)
Equipment Penguin 150 filter 100 Watt submersible heater
CO2 None yet!
Substrate Eco-Complete
Plants Carolina Fanwort Tropical Hornwort Mermaid Weed Amazon Sword
Inhabitants 6 Ghost Shrimp 1 Albino Cory 2 Otos 3 Cherry Barbs (1 f, 2 m) 1 Zebra Danio 1 Cobalt Blue Gourami 1 Golden White Cloud 1 Giant Danio 1 Glowlite Tetra 1 Siamese Algae Eater 1 Sailfin Pleco 1 White Shortfin Molly 1 Black Sailfin Molly 2 Cherry Shrimp
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