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User Monatobias
Size 20 Long
Date Started 5/24/06
Lighting (2) 20W NO fluorescent. 1 18000K Power-glo and 1 6700K Life-glo bulb by Hagen
Equipment Aquaclear Mini with sponge, filter floss, and bio-beads
CO2 2ml Excel every day
Substrate 1-2" ecocomplete on bottom, 1-2" small size gravel on top
Parameters Temp: 78-80 pH 7, Gh 2, KH 6
Fertilization Flourish 2x, Flourish Iron 2x, Flourish Nitrogen 2x, Flourish Phoshorous 2x, Tetra Flora Pride 3x per week. Sometimes Kent BlackWater Extract
Plants corkscrew vals, banana plant, java fern, wisteria, ludwigia repens, bacopa caroliniana, hornwort, java moss, crypt wendtii, dwarf chain sword, nymphae bulbs, rotala indica, small amazon swords
Inhabitants 7 red-tailed rasboras, 3 cories, 2 otos, female betta, 2 Florida flagfish, 1 SAE, amano shrimp
Comments Major plant collectoritis but am trying to figure out what grows well in the tank. Growth has been phenomenal since adding ferts 2x/week and Excel every day for the last two weeks. I wish the driftwood was smaller but the fish love playing in and around the moss.
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