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User waya81
Size 55
Date Started mid-late August is when I started planning it
Lighting 2 18" 6500k bulbs
Equipment Whisper 60, sponge filter,
CO2 None
Substrate Pool filter sand
Fertilization Osmocote
Plants Anubias nana petite, Anubias Bateri, Java fern, Windelov, marino balls, Susswasertang, Cryptocoryne Moehlmanni
Inhabitants Mollies, Long-finned Danios, coryies, Paradise fish, swordtails
Comments This is my first planted tank. Learning to grow plants before I worry too much about aquascaping.
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does the sand seem to compact and become stagnent in some areas like normal sand
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This is a very attractive tank.. sparse in a kind of 'japanese' way. I like it! Congratulations!!
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