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User Aquadawg
Size 90 Gallons
Date Started 2001
Lighting 2 T5's 1 red 1 actinic
Equipment Aqueon flow master #3
CO2 10 lb pressurized tank/ Cerges' reactor
Substrate Background: shrimp/plant substrate, clay, play sand Foreground: Play sand
Parameters 81 degrees, 6.2- 6.8 pH
Fertilization Osmocote+ caps, Tom Barr's Bathtub gin Excel, k+, Iron
Plants Swords, Crypts, Lillies, Lotus, Anubias, Java fern, Windelov fern
Inhabitants 150+ rasboras and tetras, ottos, kuhlie loaches, panda corys, assassin snails, amano shrimp, albino plecos, and the king of the castle... my red- tailed shark
Comments 8 hours of light and co2 on timer
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Notice the picture of the boy fishing above the tank.
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