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User steak
Size 30 gal
Date Started January 2008 - April 2009
Lighting Two 65W, 12000K CF bulbs. Alternated one on for ~12 hours a day. Both on when growth became thicker.
Equipment Powerhead of unknown power. Hanging outboard filter. Inboard Tetra filter. Combined filter power ~ 70 gph
CO2 Red sea pressurized CO2 system
Substrate Bottom:Micrale-Gro sphagnum peat moss. Top: Schultz's aquatic plant soil
Parameters not sure
Fertilization none
Plants Bacopa sp. , Nymphoides aquatica, Aponogeton sp. , java moss (unknown Genus species)
Inhabitants Black neon tetra, neon tetra, fiddler crab, ramshorn snails, burrowing snails of some type. Otocinclus
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Mark F.
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Good flowering emersed growth - definitely one of your better set-ups; would be nice to have more info on it.
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