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User steak
Size 10 gal
Date Started Fall 2009
Lighting Standard fluorescent ballast. T12 bulb or whatever the large diameter, old fluorescents are. Nothing special
Equipment Hanging outboard filter
CO2 None
Substrate Schultz's aquatic plant soil
Parameters Malachite Green...trace present on once light brown sponge on filter intake. It dyes certain materials. I found my air stone tubing and sponges were dyed.
Fertilization None
Plants Aponogeton sp.
Inhabitants Angel
Comments Quarantine tank. The angel got some sort of parasite. It went blind, had a bloated stomach, and might have had fin rot. I fed it through a pipet for 4-5 months. Not a good time. It was on the tank bottom one night still breathing, and I decided to euthanize it.
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I think by the looks of the photo thats an angel fish if so u should have it in somthin WAY larger than 10 gallons,but you could easily make a community tank or a small cichlid species tank with that tank
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That is an unhappy looking fish!
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I updated reasons for large fish/small tank
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And you somehow thought it would make a good picture to showcase the tank...?
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Sorry that he didn't make it, you tried your best though. ^^
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Aww It sounds like you worked hard to save him. Sorry. :(
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