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User vidiots
Size 180 Gallon 72
Date Started 05-01-2006
Lighting 785Watts (4.3wpg) Hamilton Technology 6ft Deluxe Metal Halide Power Compact combo fixture suspended 12" above tank's glass top.
Equipment 20 Gallon DIY matten filter sump. Automatic water changer 10% Daily. Auto Doser - DIY pump on timer.
CO2 20# Pressurized CO2 bottle w/ regulator, solenoid valve, bubble counter, needle valve, Milwalkee PH controller. DIY power head CO2 diffuser located in sump.
Substrate 100% Flourite 3" deep.
Parameters Freshwater Temp: 74F (no heater) PH: 7.8 to 6.8 (before CO2 / after CO2) KH: 4 GH: 12 NO3: ~20ppm PO4: ~2ppm
Fertilization Tom Barr's Estimative Index method. - Dosed Daily - 4ppm NO3 (Greg Watson KNO3) 0.4ppm PO4 (Greg Watson KH2PO4) 5ppm K (Greg Watson KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4) 0.2ppm Fe (Greg Watson CSM+B)
Plants Amazon Swords Dwarf Hair Grass asorted Aponogetons asorted Lillies Water Sprite Hornwort Java Moss Java Fern a few unknowns
Inhabitants 6 Small Angelfish 5 Pinapple Swordtails 2 Albino Cory Cats 14 Neon Tetras 4 Black Tetras 3 Chinese Algae Eaters 6 Siamese Algae Eaters
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I love how green your tank is. Im currently planning the set up of my 120g
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Nice and full, clean, and organized setup. And I agree very green! Must be a CO2 tank!
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