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User pythagorus
Size 90 Gallon
Date Started 12 JUN 14
Lighting Coralife T5 4x65 watt half blue half white
Equipment 120 Gallon Fluval canister Filter
CO2 Small 45g Pressurized co2 bottle with bubble counter
Substrate 3 Bags of Eco-complete
Parameters (still cycling)
Fertilization Terta plant ferts.
Plants amazon sword, Dwarf Hairgrass, Java Fern, unknown (will updated)
Inhabitants 3 african bush fish 2 angels 1 rainbow shark 1 bristle nose pleco
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Algae Grower
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This is looking great! I love the aquascaping and hope you will update as things grow and fill in!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Very nice start!
Algae Grower
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Check out the new fish :)
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