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User ucrdave
Size 4.5 Gallon
Date Started 6/13/2014
Lighting 6500K LED E27 from Homedepot 9watt
Equipment 5 gallon cylinder 13 in granite from Sierra Nevada mountains near Alpine Lake
CO2 none
Substrate black sand
Parameters n/a
Fertilization none
Plants Java fern, rotala rotundifolia, anubia nana for now
Inhabitants will be fire red RCS
Comments 1 quart water changes done daily due to no filter
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Algae Grower
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Will be adding ferts, and restricted flow 40gph powerhead with filter sponge attached to it and hide it behind the base of the rock. I'm hoping to find some shrimp locally in Stockton CA
Algae Grower
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Really cool rock. Kinda makes me think to those really tall "termite mounds/columns" or ants. And here in fl we got fire ants. Yeah they're red, so i pictured bright red bugs. Pfr look so much better when they're colored up in your own tank, you'll love em. Was just admiring how my big mammas wait at the top in the morning for the fry food. Why not the males? Fun little shrimp
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