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User klumas
Size 1G bbrr project
Date Started 6/11/14
Lighting Cfl 6500k 13w
Equipment Walstad jar attempt so just a lees airstone
Substrate Mr aqua plant soil
Plants Stargrass rotala vietnam wallichii colorata green rotundifolia S repens Floaters misc and riccia Bacopa pink and a few others, austerlis is maybe 1 Flame moss, not sure Do i want flame or fontanus on the cholla or leave mostly bare Hygro sunset Limnophila aromatica Hornwort bunches Anacharis bunches
Inhabitants Blue velvet, blue or red rillis not sure, pfrs offspring possibly hitched a ride on plants, just tried to snag what blue shrimp with red spots i could Pond snail, only seen one so far
Comments First attempt at a walstad method jar. It is a nice magnifying bowl so i can observe the tiny baby shrimp that i put in there. Neocardinia tend to be hardy so i want to see how they will do
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Is that shrimp on a madagascar lace leaf?
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