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User fishdude17
Size 2.5 gallon
Date Started july 1
Lighting Coralife 18 watts
Equipment mini hang on the back filter
CO2 presurized Co2 1 bubble every 7 seconds
Substrate Aqual soil amazonia
Parameters ph: 6.4 kh: salinity:0 temp: 75 deg
Fertilization Kent Pro.Plant
Plants HC!
Inhabitants Cherry and amano shrmip, adonis signifer tetra, african powelli
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Chartreuse Boots
Algae Grower
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this gas gotten some poor ratings for something that hasn't even grown in yet. :( i think think it will look nice once it's matured.
Chartreuse Boots
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lol, gas i meant has. hooray for numerous typos.
Planted Member
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Hm I agree with Chartreuse Boots, just give it some time, and it'll look nice (: Have any updated pics?
Algae Grower
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Simple but nice tank..!
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