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User camperintent
Size 13.38 Litres
Date Started 20 April 2014
Lighting 1x 14 Watts Philips Energy saving PC
Equipment Aleas Hang-on-Filter / Dymax Astro Lightset / GEX Acrylic Tank Size S
CO2 Seachem Excel / DIY CO2
Substrate Potting soil topped with Borneowild Shrimp soil
Parameters Not measured
Fertilization Ca(NO3)2 / KH2PO4 for macro source / flourish comprehensive for trace / Seachem Iron *Dosed whenever I remember*
Plants Java Fern "philippine" / Java Fern "Windelov" / Anubias mini nana / E. Tenellus / Water wisteria / Crypt Wendtii "green" / Fissiden Fontanus / Spiky Moss
Inhabitants 1 red ballon platy / 5 green neon tetra / 5 red amber tetra /
Comments 8 full hours of lighting / Temperature varying from 29-31 / Still WIP.
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Sweet little tank!
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