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User FuelingFire
Size 40 gallon breeder
Date Started 5/28/2014
Lighting 2 clamp shop lights. 1 23W 6500k bulb. 1 19W warm bulb (will replace with Daylight soon)
Equipment Sun sun 302 canister filter. Stealth heater.
CO2 no
Substrate Play sand and Black diamond Blasting sand 40/80 grit. mixed together.
Parameters pH 7.4, temp 79,
Fertilization none
Plants Echinodorus Bleheri, Duckweed, Jungle Val, And unknown dwarf Sword plants.
Inhabitants 15 black neon tetra's, 16 x-ray tetra's, bristlenose pleco
Comments Everything but the driftwood, jungle val and rocks came from my 55 gallon that i had to break down. also I forgot the jungle val had been sitting in a bucket with out light or substrate for 2 months. but it was thriving and shooting runners. Also plan on adding Blue Rams, and rummynose tetra's
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