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Size 29 Gallon
Date Started May 2010
Lighting DiY fixture, 2 bulb sideways Twister CFLs, 21W 6500K 2 inches above the water
Equipment Rena XP1 w/ Fluval prefilter. Fine sponge, crushed coral, pot scrubbers as media
CO2 4-6mL metricide/day
Substrate Tahitian Moon Sand
Parameters 7.0 PH 6 dKH 7 dGH Temp 24C
Fertilization Macros: (eyeballed with 1/8tsp) KNO3 - 1/4 tsp heaping KH2PO4 - 1/16 K2SO4 - a bit over 1/16 Micros: CSM+B - 5ml Changes: 50% on monday
Plants Red Tiger Lotus (background) windelov (driftwood right side) java fern (middle driftwood) Anubias nanas (right foreground) Flame moss (left driftwood) glosso (center foreground) Crypt willisii (center-right) Crypt wendtii (left back corner)
Inhabitants 7 black phantom tetras 5 cardinals tetras 7 amano shrimp 30+ Cherry Red Shrimps (various grades) 2 zebra danios 2 dwarf otoc 1 Calico BN 1 King Cobra Guppy
Comments In may i gave this tank a major overhaul and redid the whole scape, many old species of plants were lost due to lack of maintenance before this, so rather than just buy new plants, i took my time grew out many of my species, balanced the tanks parameters and lighting, then started adding plants and restocking the tank. BBA was the hardest hurdle to overcome since i focused on fixing the problem rather than covering it up. Also no stems! really makes it low maintnence!
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Mark F.
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Nice robust growth & color on the tiger lotus ...
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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I like this tank more every time I see this image.
Junior Member
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Would you mind posting some pics of your light fixture?
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Adding the Tiger Lotus was genius! It sets off the whole tanks! I love it!
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how can you I soften my water? I start testing it and I gave up after drop # 20 with API test kit ??? help please
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