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User HeatherH
Size 29g
Date Started 2010
Lighting Finnex 30" Planted+
Equipment Sunsun 302 canister filter,heater,2 sponge filters.
CO2 none as of now
Substrate Oil-Dri soaked for 3 weeks in ferts and baking soda solution.
Parameters 77F,8.+ pH,5kH,4gH
Fertilization root tabs
Plants Amazon swords,rotala,hygro,DHG,camboba,pogostemon octopus,anacharis,java fern,java moss.
Inhabitants school of 20 or so mixed danios,ramshorns,MTS,pond snails,apple snails and soon to come RCS.
Comments Did a total tear down on May 2014,replaced substrate with the Oil-Dri and got new Finnex Planted+ LED.
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